Circle of Champions

The Circle of Champions was established to recognize individuals who give recurring, unrestricted gifts to the NATA Research & Education Foundation.


When you join the Circle of Champions, your gift will strengthen our global efforts to support the future of athletic training. It will also help the NATA Foundation prepare for tomorrow’s educational and research needs. The process of enrollment takes minutes to implement, and you can start with a contribution as small as $10 a month. No gift is too small!

Your contributions will be carefully tracked and as they accumulate, you’ll be able to climb levels within the AT Loyal tiers. All donations are congruent with the program echelons.

On top of the commemorative pin you receive as an AT Loyal member, you will be gifted a Circle of Champions pin to show your ongoing support for the mission of the NATA Foundation. Circle of Champions members are the first to hear about the NATA Foundation’s current initiatives so you’ll always know how your generous contributions are helping sustain the growth of the athletic training profession.


Your Contribution Can Help


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$10 a month

Could fund four students to attend the
Pinkey Newell Scholarship Breakfast


$25 a month

Could enable six young researchers to
participate in the Research Mentor Luncheon
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$50 a month

Could help 4 Nathional Athletic Training Student Challenge Winners attend the NATA convention


$100 a month

Could provide one master’s level research grant



Become a champion of the athletic training profession.

Join the Circle Today!


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Abdenour, Tom
Andersen, A John
Anderson, Alyssa
Bates, Dana
Berry, David
Biggerstaff, Randy
Bobcock, Todd
Bohling, Randy
Boydston, Kaleb
Cameron, Kenneth
Carr, David
Catterson, Michael
Carroll, Ron
Casa, Doug
Cleary, Michelle
Coberley, Mark
Conway, Brian
Cuppett, Micki
Davidson, Benjamin
Davis, Ashley
Dougherty, Jenn
Duffy, AJ
Dycus, Stephanie
Ellena, Julia
Elliott, Jennifer
Elliott, Spencer
Emerson, Dawn
Fincher, Lou
Finke, Mike
Fitzpatrick, Shane
Fritz, Jackie
Gallaspy, James
Galloway, Scott
Gorman, Skylar
Grove, David
Hairston, Valerie
Hall, Chris
Hamburg, Todd
Hand, Amy
Harriell, Kysha
Hilker, Jerry
Hilmer, Steven
Holt, Michelle
Horodyski, MaryBeth
Hughes, Brian
Jevas, Stephanie
Kelley, Christina
Kersey, Robert
Kimmel, Chuck
Konin, Jeff
Kleber, Danielle
Kugler, Ky
Kunkel, Laura
Lacerte, Ed
Laursen, Richard
Letendre, Mark
Lindley, Tory
Marker, Lori
Martinez, Michael
Mathewson, Christopher
[column lg=”6″ md=”12″ sm=”12″ xs=”12″ ]
Mattacola, Carl
McCamey, Jason
McCary, Loree
McIntyre, Lauren
Mckune, Rust
Middlemas, David
Miller, Justin
Miller, Kevin
Montgomery, Melissa
Nadler, Elizabeth
Nakagawa, Lyn
Newman, Dan
Oats, Rachael
Peterson, Bart
Pruitt, Michael
Ramirez-McKinley, Rebecca
Ray, Richard
Redden, Rick
Register-Mihalik, Johna
Richter, Scott
Riggan, Ruth
Ritter, Stacey
Rodger,s Kimber
Rudewick, Roy
Sailor, Scott
Sartanowicz, Diane
Savage, Grace
Scott, Katie
Simpson, Clark
Smith, Jennifer
Smith, Shad
Spurlock, Becky
Stark, Stephenie
Stickley, Christopher
Sullivan, Mike
Sumida, Marissa
Taylor, LesLee
Terry, Melinda
Thornton, Jim
Trowbridge, Cindy
Tsang, Kavin
Van Bruggen, Mike
Van Lunen, Bonnie
Vardiman, John Phillip
Vesci, Brian
Voll, Craig
Walker, Stacy
Wantz, Ryan
Washington, Courtney
West, Michael
Whetstone, Joseph
Wilkinson, Ryan
Woods, Thomas
Yoder, Jennifer