NATA Foundation Free Communication Thematic Posters

Prepare your Poster
Your poster should be no more than 44” high and 68” wide.  Your poster should be no more than 44” high and 68” wide (poster board frames are approx. 4’ X 6’).  Organize your title, abstract, purpose, methodology, results, discussion, conclusion, etc. in an appropriate manner that best conveys the content of your abstract.

Some tips to consider when preparing your poster for a Thematic poster session:

  • Overly detailed descriptions of methodology tend to detract from other aspects of your presentation.  Keep in mind that there is a limited amount of time for attendees to view your poster during a thematic poster session.
  • Text should be of a font size and type that can be read at a distance of at least 4 feet from the bulletin board.
  • Borders, background, and other visual/aesthetic elements of the poster are at the author’s discretion, but should be placed to enhance interpretation of the material presented.
  • Tables, graphs and/or other figures should be high resolution and clearly labelled for easy viewing.
    We encourage the use of QR codes or other similar methods for enabling attendees to utilize smartphone technology to link to laboratory webpages, investigator contact information, video files to demonstrate methods, etc.

Upload your Poster in the Speaker Ready Room

At least an hour prior to your presentation, presenting authors should go to the speaker ready room in the convention center.  A PDF version of your poster should be uploaded so it can be electronically displayed during your presentation.  Support personnel will be available in the speaker ready room to help you upload your poster.
Display your poster
Your acceptance letter from the NATA foundation contains all pertinent information about when and where to mount your poster.   Make sure you know where the poster session is located at the convention center.  Please refer to your acceptance letter and the final convention program to verify the time and room location of your thematic poster session.  Presenting authors should arrive to the thematic poster session 15 minutes prior to the start of the session to mount posters on poster board frames.
Thematic poster session rooms will have large poster boards for you to mount your poster.  Verify that your poster is mounted on the correct/assigned poster board frame. Posters should be attached to the board with pushpins.  Tape and other adhesives will not adequately stick to the surface of the poster board.
Presenting your Abstract Poster
The length of each thematic poster session depends on how many abstracts are scheduled to be presented.  Typically the session is 90 – 120 minutes.  During thematic poster sessions, the first 20 to 30 minutes are unstructured.  Session attendees spend this time viewing posters and discussing with presenters. After this initial portion of the session, the moderator will call the session to order.  Each presenting author will stand by their poster and provide an approx. 5 minute overview of the abstract, using the poster as a visual aid.  Following the presentation, the moderator will allow  2-3 minutes for questions and/or comments.  Since the thematic poster rooms are large with many attendees, it may be difficult to see your poster while you are presenting.  A digital version of your poster will be displayed on the overhead screen to allow all attendees to easily view your poster while you are speaking and answering questions.
NOTE: The NATA Research and Education Foundation will not allow any presentation, or distribution of any material, which contains information that may be interpreted as an attempt to promote any specific company, product or service.
After Your Presentation   
Plan to remove your poster immediately following the end of your thematic poster session.  Any presentation materials left in the thematic poster rooms may be discarded.  The NATA Foundation is not responsible for posters or other presentation materials left in the poster area.

If you have questions about your presentation, please speak with Foundation staff at the Foundation booth in Hall C of the George R. Brown Convention Center.