The NATA Foundation Research Mentor Program pairs promising investigators with established researchers who will provide guidance, advice and assistance in navigating both the research and the grant writing processes. The goal is to form a lasting relationship to help the young investigator build a solid knowledge base and acquire an understanding of the balance necessary to becoming a successful researcher.

2013 Research Mentor Program Participants



2012 Research Mentor Program Participants

How the Program Works
Each young investigator work with his/her mentor to set expectations for the relationship. Potential ways a mentors can provide assistance include:

  • Advice (phone calls/emails)
  • Grant review or assistance (confidential review)
  • Manuscript review or assistance (confidential review)
  • Technical assistance
  • Hosting the young investigator at his/her facility
  • Research or other Fellowship
  • Active collaboration on a project or grant (co-investigator)

Young Investigator Prerequisites
Requirements for participation include:

  • Completed PhD training
  • Working in a research capacity
  • An academic rank no higher than assistant professor for the semester prior to April application
  • First author on a research publication beyond his/her dissertation
  • Current NATA member and BOC-certified athletic trainer in good standing

How to Apply
We are no longer accepting applications for the 2013 class of program participants. Selections will be announced by June 1.  Applications of members not selected will be kept on file in the event a suitable mentor becomes available at a future date.

Anyone interested in participating in the program next year should complete an application and submit it, along with a current CV to Rachael Oats, CAE, NATA Foundation Director before May 1, 2014.

For questions about the program, please contact Rachael Oats.