Important Information About the General Grant Program! Please Read!

As of December 9, 2010 the National Athletic Trainers' Association Foundation has significantly changed the maximum allowable funding limit for the General Grants Program. Total direct costs for any grant submitted to the General Grant Program are now capped at $50,000 per award. The NATA Foundation will continue to allow indirect costs up to 15% of the total direct costs.

In addition, the NATA Foundation has revised the eligibility criteria for individuals submitting grants. Either the Principal Investigator (PI) OR Co-Principal Investigator (Co-PI) must be a Certified Athletic Trainer in good standing with the Board of Certification AND a current member of the National Athletic Trainers' Association.

These changes are effectively immediately and apply to all grants that will be reviewed from this point forward. Thus, if you have previously submitted a grant to the NATA Foundation that was not funded, but a revision was acceptable, the costs for the resubmitted grant must fall within the new funding limits and the PI or Co-PI must meet the eligibility criteria stated above. Similarly, if you have previously submitted a pre-proposal that was accepted for a full submission, the new funding limits and eligibility criteria will apply. Submitted grants that do not adhere to the new funding limit and eligibility criteria will not be considered.