NATA Foundation Free Communication Rapid Fire Oral Presentation preparation
Rapid fire oral presentation sessions are designed to allow for a succinct overview of research findings.  Each rapidfire session is scheduled to allow 4-5 minute individual presentations with use of visual media (maximum 5 power point slides).
The following are some guidelines to consider as you are preparing for your presentation:

  • Your presentation should provide a succinct overview of what how your study was conducted and what was found (ie a brief review of your study methods and results). This can include a slide describing your purpose, methods, results and
  • Practice delivery of your presentation in order to insure correct timing.  Speaking too rapidly or reading your presentation slides can lessen the impact of your presentation. The intention of a rapidfire oral session is to provide overview of important research findings in a very specific topic area.  The intention is not to speak rapidly, but to speak succinctly.
  • Avoid overly “busy” slides that have a lot of wording.  Make use of images, graphics, video and other forms of media to demonstrate and explain important aspects of your study.

Upload your ORAL PRESENTATION SLIDES in the Speaker Ready Room

At least an hour prior to your presentation, presenting authors should go to the speaker ready room in the convention center to upload your presentation.  Please make sure your presentation plays correctly, graphics appear as intended and videos play as expected.  Review all slides, media and animations to assure expected delivery for your presentation.  Support personnel will be available in the speaker ready room to help you upload your presentation.
Deliver your Oral presentation
Report to the room where your oral presentation is scheduled at least 15 minutes prior to the beginning of the overall session.  This information is provided in your acceptance letter and can be located in the final convention program.  Introduce yourself to the moderator (the moderator name can be found in the final convention program) appointed for your session and make sure your presentation is loaded on the computer in that room by asking the multimedia technician in the room.  Please sit in the front row prior to the beginning of the session, and come forward to the stage while the moderator is introducing your presentation.

Please rehearse your rapidfire presentation to assure you stay within the time allotment.  This is important to stay on schedule and allow for a group discussion following all the presentations.

First, the moderator will provide a very brief introduction to the session topic.  This is done so the abstract presenters can focus on methods, findings and implications during their presentations.

After all the rapidfire oral presentations are complete, the presenting authors will all return to the front of the room and serve as a panel for a group discussion.  The moderator will lead the panel discussion, encouraging questions from the audience to facilitate a group discussion about the specific topic area of that session.

NOTE: The NATA Research and Education Foundation will not allow any presentation, or distribution of any material containing information that may be interpreted as an attempt to promote or sell any specific company, product or service.
If you have questions about your presentation, please speak with NATA Foundation staff at the Foundation booth in Hall C of the George R. Brown Convention Center.