DeLoss Brubaker, EdD, ATC
Undergraduate Student Writing Contest


The DeLoss Brubaker, EdD, ATC Undergraduate Student Writing Contest (USWC) was initiated to recognize early research-related projects from emerging investigators at the undergraduate level. The annual competition includes three categories, with an award being given to the top submission in each*:

  • Best Original Research Paper ($500)
  • Case Study ($250)
  • Best Literature Review ($250)


  • All students must be members of the NATA in order to submit to the contest.
  • Students must be undergraduate students at the time of submission.
  • Students must be enrolled in an accredited undergraduate athletic training education program. That includes both primary, as well as all secondary, authors.
  • Only undergraduate students may be authors of the submission; college/university faculty members are not permitted to be authors, nor may they receive the monetary award.
  • Student(s) may submit to only one of the contest divisions per year.
  • Students can only submit one manuscript per research project.
  • No more than six authors are allowed on one manuscript submission.

 Submission Guidelines

  • The submission must be sent electronically and in hard copy. The entire electronic submission must be in WORD format in a single file.
  • The content of the paper copies must match the content of the electronic file that is submitted.
  • The electronic file must be sent to and received by 11:59 pm Eastern time on March 1. The time stamp of the submission is based on the receiver’s email address and not the sender’s email address.
  • Three paper copies of the submission must be mailed to the NATA Foundation office.

Deloss Brubaker Awards Flowchart (pdf)
Deloss Brubaker Awards Flowchart (ppt)


ALL materials and electronic copies MUST BE RECEIVED BY MARCH 1. Please send electronic copies to and hard copies to:

NATA Foundation
Attn: Rachael Oats
1620 Valwood Pkwy, Suite 115
Carrollton, TX 75006

All submissions must adhere to the specific format specifications. Manuscripts that fail to comply will not be considered. Click here for formatting instructions.

Policy on Plagiarism

The NATA Foundation Undergraduate Student Writing Contest Committee will electronically check all submissions for plagiarism. As defined, plagiarism includes, but is not limited to:

  • The copying of words, sentences, and paragraphs directly from the work of another without proper credit;
  • The copying of illustrations, figures, photographs, drawings, models, or other visual and nonverbal materials, including recordings, of another without proper credit; and
  • The presentation of work prepared by another in final or draft form as one’s own without citing the source, such as the use of purchased research papers.

Any submission that is found to be plagiarized is not eligible for consideration in the Undergraduate Student Writing Contest.

*The USWC committee reserves the right to forgo awarding a prize in any category that does not have at least one submission of the highest quality that is worthy of recognition.

USWC Committee

Lori Dewald, EdD, ATC, MCHES, F-AAHE

Deloss Brubaker
Life University

Roger Clark
Colorado State at Pueblo

Robert Hensarling
Samford University

Karen Hostetter
Colorado State at Pueblo

Amanda Wheeler
Arkansas State University

Former Contest Winners
2014:  Megan Marshall, Joseph Vogler and Sandra Koen, Kimberly Takaoka, Brittney Kato and Berangere Dwyer
2013:   Deirdre Chatlos, Chyrsten Regelski
2012:   Joelle Gage, Caitlin Sweeney
2011:   Jun Hashiwaki, Drew Garner & Amanda Cutwright, Cody Mansfield
2010:  Melissa Regan, Samantha Sabatino, Danielle Birmingham
2009:  Matt Quijano, Linda Duong & Britney Abe, Akihito Tajima, Katlyn Davidson
2008:  Kara Jones
2007:  Barbara Hemphill
2006:  Daniel Halley
2004:  Amy Blaszkowski
2002:  Maura McGovern
2001:  Maureen Winzek
2000:  Katherine White
1999:   Sarah Drury
1998:   Jamie Slegel
1994:   Heather Walker
1991:   Glendie Washington
1990:   Phillip Page
1989:   Michael Chisar
1988:   Jennifer Carstens
1987:   Shane Schulthies
1986:   Janelle Thomas
1984:   W. Scott Barker & Andrew Winterstein
1983:   Eve Elisabeth Boe
1982:   Ron Fischer
1981:   David Hammer
1980:   Patrick O’Connor & Robert Kersey
1979:   Lori Ames Galstead